JOY in finding new surprises

Yesterday was a day well spent. 
We had breakfast at home – I heated the bread and burned some of them; ate some fruits; had no time to enjoy my coffee and to wash the dishes and hurried to take the bus as it was raining. 

We went to church. I will always be grateful for spiritual family. To me, it is so much more than being in a community. It is being around people who add to your faith, push you to worship, inspire you to make a difference and to really always choose to walk with the Lord, specially in moments when we don’t feel like it. I guess life is easier lived on our own but when we choose to be part of a spiritual family, our lives get a little bit more complicated, less convenient, our schedules busier, but our lives become more meaningful. 

We had lunch with family friends. I always say that best friends need not go a long way back. While I treasure a lot of best friends in childhood and those from my hometown, I am thankful for new friends who stick close like a family. Sometimes they come to our lives later in life, in an odd, surprising way. But special nonetheless. And when they come, I choose to stay and enjoy the new love. 

We played in the park. Our little girl enjoyed the see saw, the slide and the roundabout. It was hot and she got hurt. I forgot to put on sun block and yet while I sat there with my girlfriend talking about parties, life, family and plans, as the little girl played with her friends,  my heart swelled with joy for the precious time I could spend with family and friends. That while there are so many things lacking in my life right now, and that I miss my Mama and family and good friends back home, my needs are being provided right now. I choose to remember and give thanks. 

We went on a date. Pido is back from a business trip and we decided to see a Ghibli exhibit. The line was so long and the little girl was sleepy and tired, that we decided to see an exhibit with ten minutes of waiting time. It was the biggest surprise because it turned out to be so special. It was about a few pieces of work as France promotes “manga” or comics as the 9th form of Art. 

A lot of Pido’s work is about manga, and he loves and can spend hours in a museum. My dream is to see Louvre in Paris. While I am not a big fan of museums, I am married to someone who is. And so over the many years that we have been together, I have learned to appreciate it more and more. And he has learned to understand that I go through a museum much faster than he does and that all he needs to do is to find me at a cafe waiting for him later on. Marriage works. 

But today was even made more special because we brought the little girl who surprised us with her patience and appreciation of such work of art. Only, she asked me many times why she could not touch any of the pieces and why the staff were following her around. 

The exhibit was one of the most beautiful I have seen in recent years. I was especially moved by Jiro Taniguchi and promised to not forget to see his work when I get the chance. I loved the general atmosphere of the art speaking to admiring Japanese. I loved the way they presented the exhibit as if we were entering the actual museum. I loved that there were videos showing behind the scenes as well as the history of the Louvre. I loved that there were a few places where we could take a picture. 

And to make things even more special, Pido took me and the little girl to the Sky Deck to see Tokyo Tower and the rest of the city. I kissed Summer goodbye and I gave my man a sweet kiss. Adana looked up to the sky and held our hands. Little surprises are beautiful. And they are everywhere. 

That night my heart was thankful for the sweet little surprises. 
Family and spiritual family, friends, our chance to enjoy art, and a cool summer night 270 meters above the ground and a lot of walking and a lot of talking and a lot of laughing, as well as my dinner of all things good. 

God has a way of making me find His peace and joy despite losses and grief; His reason and clarity, despite my many whys; and His presence and His promises despite my many doubts. 

Hoping we all find little surprises in our everyday. 

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