Running from Abram to Abraham

“Is there anything too hard for the Lord?”

Our little girl asks me during our daily devotion in the morning, “Nanay, why do you speak like Abram sometimes? You say, I am too old to have a son.”

So while I held the answer to that innocent question, I reflected on how I usually sound like Abram – doubtful and worried and unbelieving. And how I badly want to think like Abraham, walking up the mountain, making a sacrifice that most people during his time were not being asked to do- to sacrifice his own son. Yet every footstep, though isolated as he walked towards the place where he needed to give away what was just given to him, in the name of faith and obedience and lordship, was a footstep towards God’s kind of provision.

In that season of apparent loss of almost everything dear and precious and only, God provided, in the most ridiculous, unique way.

Jehovah Jireh, yes that is His name. The name above all name. The name that provides All of my Needs and All of Yours. But I need to make those same footsteps, in the same direction – from Abram to Abraham, every single day.

(Photo: We put Christmas books we have collected over the years under the tree. A reminder of the biggest provision ever)

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